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Suppliers of Genuine Spares For Bulldog Aircraft

Export/Import Licences:

    You shall ensure that all relevant export or import licences and other consents or documentation are obtained and upon request you shall produce these to us for our inspection.  In the event that we are required to obtain an export licence or other consent you agree to provide us with all appropriate supporting documentation including any necessary ‘end user certificate’ to support our application to the UK Government.  It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all information obtained from a third party that is passed to us for use in our application for an export licence or other consent.  Any applications to the UK Government take approximately three to six weeks and no notification of Delivery will be issued by us until we, at our absolute discretion, are satisfied with the licence or consent received. In the event that an export licence or other consent is required you agree that we may charge you an additional administration fee for obtaining such licence or other consent. Such fee will be set out in the Contract invoice and form part of the Price.